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Crown Molding

Crown molding is one of those great interior design features that has almost universal appeal. If you’re a “details” person, you probably love the intricacies of the wood cuts and its seemingly endless varieties and applications throughout a home. If you’re a “big picture” person, crown molding is one of those things that makes a home somehow feel more complete; when it’s not there, you know that something is missing, even if you can’t quite put your finger on what it is. But what if we thought about crown molding as more than just a nice detail or add-on to a wall, window treatment, or threshold? What if we thought about it on a much grander scale?

A Classic(al) Feature

“Crown molding” has become a blanket term for a wide variety of molding styles, all of which have roots in Classical antiquity. Widely featured in Greco-Roman architecture, crown molding was used to enhance the ornamental aesthetics of buildings. You can see examples of crown molding on pillars, columns, ceilings, roofs, pediments, and many other elements. Today, the concepts of these styles have been borrowed, tweaked, and repurposed to suit modern home design and style.

Modern Molding

The Big Picture

Here is one of the best examples of crown molding bringing a room together, and it’s a visual treat from top to bottom. True crown molding wraps around the room where the walls meet the ceiling, while picture frame wainscoting and chair rail molding are found further down the wall. Observant readers may notice that there’s something even more intriguing in the room beyond.

And there they are. How great are those columns? These elements are a beautiful and prominent use of molding, and are perfect for making a strong statement in any room.

Make sure you don’t miss the crown molding around this home’s front door frame, capped with a fantastic ram’s head pediment.


A Detailed Look

We’ve seen a number of ways that crown molding can impact the overall look of a space. Now, let’s take a moment to appreciate some of the finer complexities of the style.

What an incredible example. Here, you see what truly masterful craftsmanship looks like, as the crown molding above these kitchen cabinets seamlessly turn a corner, adding so much depth and detail to the room.

Even more beautiful details are on display here. Elaborate dentil crown molding lines the ceiling, while fabulous beveled designs frame the doorways.

Look at the detail of that design!


While we appreciate both the details and the big picture aspects of this design trend, we think that the real source of enjoyment with crown molding is its scale. What do we mean by that? Remember the origins of crown molding; think of Classical Greece and Rome, and about the truly immense significance of their influence in developing this style. We enjoy crown molding because it serves as a visual reminder of how, often times, that which is massive and awe-inspiring is recreated in microcosm in unexpected places. Features like this remind us that it’s possible to incorporate something as grandiose and impactful as architecture from the cradle of Western Civilization into your living room. The Parthenon may only stand in ruins in Greece, but its glory is alive and well in countless doorways and dining rooms. The nearly universal appeal of crown molding is in the fact that it allows your interior design to recall that which is, quite literally, monumental. So think about the scale of your next home improvement, and what a modern classic like crown molding can bring to your home. 

The photos above are from some of the fabulous homes of our previous clients. They’re not currently on the market, but check out these great homes that are.

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