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French Doors

French doors are one of the most fabulous features of any home. They bring so much character to any space in which you find them. French doors are most often characterized by multiple small panes of glass set throughout the length of a door. Like any other design element though, there is always room for variations on the style.

French doors give this home office space the option of privacy or company.

What’s French about French doors?

But the question that is probably on everyone’s mind at this point is, “what’s so French about French doors?” Unlike the pseudo-eponymous fries, toast, manicures, braids, and horns, it turns out that this feature actually does have a French connection. The Renaissance of the 15th and 16th centuries impacted the entirety of Europe and brought about an incredible flourishing of new thoughts and ideas, as well as a revitalization of old ones. Classical architectural elements of Rome became popular once more, accompanied by an appreciation for symmetry, proportion, regularity, and natural lighting. Each of these aspects are captured by the structure and aesthetic of these doors, and the people began to employ the design in their homes throughout France. As the popularity of the style grew, other countries adopted it, and it has maintained its appeal over time.

These French doors lead to an incredible wraparound deck in the backyard.


So what’s the secret of their appeal? Simply put: versatility. With French doors, you don’t have to sigh a resigned “c’est la vie” about that dark room in your home. Instead, install a set of these and let the light shine in! Look at how gorgeous natural light pours into this home’s living room and glistens on the hardwood floors!

Or maybe your home feels fragmented and you want to bring a more open flow to the floorplan— let’s call it “egalité of space”— but you’re not sure how to achieve that. Join the rooms with French doors and, voilà! It really opens up the space! Look at how this home accomplished this below.

French doors that adjoin two rooms give the entire space a much larger, more open feel.

Now, it’s also possible that you just like the drama involved in whipping open a door as quickly as you can, and doubling that experience is something that you just can’t resist. We totally get that, and think it’s an equally great reason to love French doors.

Double French doors are double the fun!

We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading about one of our favorite features . The photos you see here are from the incredible homes of past clients, as well as some of our current listings. Check out more of those here.

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