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Granite Countertops

A Captivating Trend

One of our favorite trends in modern home design is that of bringing different textures and materials together in the same space. One that we’ve noticed a lot lately in our listings is the use of granite countertops in kitchens. The combination of granite, wood, and, in many cases, stainless steel provides a rich tapestry of interesting visual elements that capture your attention time and time again.

Granite has been used in construction for centuries, found in Egyptian pyramids, the Roman Pantheon, and countless monuments and castles. But it wasn’t until very recently that granite countertops became a widely prominent design element for many homes. Granite is strong, durable, and beautiful, and bringing these elements to your kitchen countertops contributes to the aesthetic diversity of your home. 

Diverse Colors & Patterns

Speaking of diversity, granite countertops can come in a huge variety of colors and patterns for any style or taste. Here are just a few of these possibilities. Don’t ask us to pick a favorite, we love all of their unique details!

Light Shades

Take a look at this home’s fabulous oatmeal colored countertops with all of their unique details. These have small, dark brown and black accents.

Even with similarly colored granite, you can tell that the detailing can vary quite a bit, a fantastic advantage of this type of finish. This home’s coffee bar brings the beauty of wood and stone together in spectacular fashion. Notice the more pronounced, darker grain running through this granite countertop.

The base color of the granite in the home below is similar to the two above, but the grain here has a warm caramel brown hue that brings out similar tones in the backsplash tile.

Tan Shades

You can see below that even when the granite is only a few shades darker, it can bring a dramatically different feel to the space. These countertops are tanner than the ones above, and the shape and shade of grain brings additional character.



Dark Shades

The home below features striking black granite. The hints of white and light gray details are a dazzling visual treat. The skylight above the island in this kitchen makes it a fantastic space to prep your meals!


A Favorite Trend

We hope that you can see why granite countertops are one of our favorite modern design trends. We love how sturdy and durable they are, and how incredible they look. We love being able to customize our homes with a variety of patterns and styles, too. Which ones that we looked at today were your favorites? Browse through them again, and leave a comment to let us know. We also have some more pretty great ideas about granite countertops here.

These pictures are from some of our fabulous listings. Give us a call today to let us know how we can help you find your dream home!

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