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Greenville Breweries

Culture of Craft

Since its reinvention in the late 90’s and early 00’s, Greenville has quickly become one of the premiere cities not only in the state and region, but in the entire country. Greenville’s steady presence on “top-ten” and “best-of” lists in travel and lifestyle outlets is due in no small part to their thriving culture of craft. From art and clothing to food and drink, the city is shaped by a strong ethic of heartfelt and handmade creation. One of the threads that has added to this diverse tapestry is craft beer brewing, with a proliferation of craft breweries springing up over the past decade alone. While there are so many that we could talk about, here are five of our favorite homegrown craft beer breweries in Greenville.


Thomas Creek Brewery

One of Greenville’s oldest breweries, Thomas Creek Brewery began its journey in 1998. Originally operating as Henni’s Brewpub in downtown Greenville, the Father and Son pair of Bill and Tom Davis co-founded this brewery and work as the Taste Master and Brew Master, respectively. Their flagship beer, River Falls Red Ale, is named after Greenville’s nearby Reedy River, the centerpiece of Falls Park. Their collaboration with local mainstay, Community Tap, resulted in the Trifecta IPA, one of Greenville’s best selling beers. With 13 beers currently on tap and a menu of great pub grub, this is one you won’t want to miss!

Where do I go to check it out?

2054 Piedmont Hwy, Greenville

When you’re there, make sure you order…

River Falls Red Ale (American Red Ale)


Quest Brewing Co.

Tucked away in an unassuming cul-de-sac near bustling Haywood Road is the next fantastic Greenville brewery on our list, Quest Brewing Co., launched in 2012 by Don Richardson and Andrew Watts. Inspired by Greenvillians’ penchant for outdoor adventures and active lifestyles, the brewery adopted their name in pursuit of delivering what our city is looking for. With 22 beers currently on tap, including its Golden Fleece Belgian Pale Ale, Quest is a great place to raise a glass to any adventure.

Where do I go to check it out?

55 Airview Drive, Greenville

When you’re there, make sure you order…

Smoking Mirror Porter (Porter)


Brewery 85

Greenville’s unique location on I-85 provides it with tourism and commerce, and it provides the next brewery on our list with its namesake. Like the connections created by this highway, Brewery 85 “specializes in marrying Southern culture with craft beer spirit while using traditional German brewing techniques.” Its airplane hanger meets neighborhood bar aesthetic is unique among its peers in the area, and the 11 beers currently on tap hit the brewery’s target of splicing a variety of cultures and tastes into something wonderfully new.

Where do I go to check it out?

6 Whitlee Court, Greenville

When you’re there, make sure you order…

864 Weizen (Bavarian Weizen)


Birds Fly South Ale Project

Declaring themselves “progressively old school”, Birds Fly South Ale Project is one of a number of great venues found in Hampton Station. With neighbors like craft axe throwers, a dog hotel, and a mixed media design and metaphysics studio, it should come as no surprise that Birds Fly South doesn’t take a common approach to its brewing. The bulk of their efforts center on Farmhouse Ales and Saisons, styles that go against conventional thinking of “faster is better”. Wide variety characterizes their current 14 beer taplist, and they’re all well worth exploring.

Where do I go to check it out?

1320 Hampton Ave. Ext., Greenville

When you’re there, make sure you order…

Brand New Eyes (Farmhouse Ale, Saison)


Fireforge Crafted Beer

A more recent addition to Greenville’s booming downtown, Fireforge Crafted Beer was founded by the husband and wife team of Brian and Nicole Cendrowski. With a credo of “Create with Passion. Serve with Enthusiasm”, Fireforge makes its ambitions clear to the citizens of Greenville. We love this attitude and approach, not to mention their fantastic selection! With more than 20 selections currently on tap, this is a newcomer that is already making an impact!

Where do I go to check it out?

311 E. Washington St., Greenville

When you’re there, make sure you order…

Choice (New England Pale Ale)


A Great Reason to Live in Greenville

Greenville’s growth and change has raised its profile nationally, and much of this is owed to its booming craft scene. The breweries featured here are important parts of Greenville’s economic and cultural life. Their products serve not only as barometers for the vitality of the city, but also, through distribution and personal connection, as emissaries of its way of life. One of our team’s favorite aspects of our city is the craft beer created by local breweries. It’s not the only reason to live in Greenville, but we definitely think it’s a great one!

If you or someone you know is thinking about moving to Greenville, make sure you check out our listings and let us know how we can help here!


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