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Greenville Real Estate Market Update for April 2015

Here’s THG’s founder Haro Setian with some great news for those looking to sell their home this spring:



Hey guys, this is Haro. Quick market update for you. The Greenville market so far, year to date, is amazing. Right now we’ve got through March 27% more sales than last year at the same time.

Inventory’s actually down 5% from last year. Last year at this time we had 5,500 houses on the market; roughly in this year we have about 5,200 houses in the market right now.

However, demand is up—last year to date we had sold 1,776 houses, and year to date (again, this is through March): 2,252 houses.

So up 27%, down 5%—that’s creating some serious pressure. GREAT time to sell a house. We’ve got more listings than we’ve ever had coming on the market and on the market, and we just had a record month in March. So it’s a great time to get your house on the market. Give us a call—we’d love to help you.

One other thing is days on market is a little bit lower than last year at this time. Last year in March it took 99 days to sell a house that was on the market; this year in March, 89 days to sell a house that’s on the market.

And we’re seeing … the best thing that I can say as I’m looking at the data is the appreciation. Since 2010, median price is up almost 15%. So that doesn’t mean necessarily that your house is worth 15% more than 2010—it also could mean that we’re just selling more expensive houses. A lot of the distressed property is out of the inventory, so that’s made a difference. But house prices are going up.

I don’t know—I need to do some more research to see if it’s a true seller’s market, but it sure feels like one in some places.

So anyway, if you have any questions, give us a call. My number’s (864) 312-6424, or check us out at Have a great day!


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