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Downtown Greenville Living in Downtown Greenville: Real Estate, Amenities and Lifestyle

Welcome to Downtown Greenville, SC

Downtown Greenville, South Carolina is a historic area dating back to the original colony that was founded in the 1600s. Downtown Greenville is situated at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains, and the downtown area features architecture and landmarks that show the centuries of history, combined with a fast expanding modern feel. The city is known for a full range of seasons, and the downtown area especially is famous for the art and culture that thrives there.

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The Lifestyle: A Lifestyle Unmatched Anywhere Else

Those who call Downtown Greenville home are able to immerse themselves in a lifestyle like no other. The lifestyle in this historic South Carolina city allows for a close, neighborly lifestyle that is filled with activities like musicals, plays, concerts and art shows. The modern culture of Downtown Greenville is expansive, and impressive for a city of just 60,000. The downtown area is a central hub for entertainment as well as art, with many clubs and musical ventures as well as athletic activities. The lifestyle of Downtown Greenville is the best of both worlds – truly the modern offering of a much larger city, all packed into an area with a small enough population to allow people to get to know their neighbors. Besides attending outdoor concerts, visiting the downtown shops or enjoying the outdoors, people in Downtown Greenville enjoy biking and hiking, boating, golf and many other recreational activities and watch many different spectator sports with several minor league teams calling Downtown Greenville home.


Downtown Greenville, SC Real Estate Market

The Downtown Greenville real estate market is very diversified, with house prices that range all over the board. Everything from single family homes to condos and apartments are available. In the Downtown Greenville area, the most common types of homes are stately colonials and manor houses found in the neighborhoods directly surrounding downtown. However, there are several apartment complexes and condos directly inside of downtown and many more developments on the way.

Other neighborhoods surrounding downtown also have beautiful homes perfect for a family just starting out, and others have large, expansive homes that will fit even the largest family. The properties in Downtown Greenville can be described as classic and historical, but some more modern spaces can be found as well if you prefer that to an older structure.


You’ll Enjoy Every Type of Outdoor Activity You Can Imagine

There is so much to do in Downtown Greenville, and so many beautiful places to visit that you will never be bored. From the Paris Mountain State Park, where you can take a walk back through the history of Downtown Greenville all the way to the Great Depression, to many other outdoor venues like Falls Park on Reedy River Falls which is right in the middle of downtown. Also, you won’t want to miss the Greenville County Museum of Art, the Greenville Zoo, which features dozens of animal exhibits in every shape and size, and the Peace Center and Upcountry History Museum. Downtown Greenville is a center for art, culture, outdoor activities and most of all, for the history of the area and of the South in general.


Distinguished Schools in Greenville


Perfect For Those Who Value Education & Have Historic Yearnings

Downtown Greenville, SC is one of the most historic cities in the South, and those who live there appreciate the atmosphere of learning and achievement. Downtown Greenville’s schools are some of the highest ranked schools in the entire state and a drive around the city will see that residents value the history around them, with the centuries-old houses taken care of in every detail, from the structure to the surrounding landscape. Downtown Greenville is a city that simply speaks of class and a better way of life.


Downtown Greenville, SC Utilities

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The Workforce: Healthcare, Manufacturing & More

There are some of the largest employers in the state of South Carolina in Downtown Greenville. The Greenville Healthcare System employs over 10,000, with 7,500 being employed directly by the Greenville Memorial Hospital. Greenville is also the headquarters and the R&D center for Michelin and Baldor Dodge Reliance, the 8th largest employer in the state, is located here. There are also more than 5000 jobs between the South Carolina State Government and the County Government located in Greenville.


Why Live Here: It’s a Perfect Spot to Raise a Family and Enjoy a Friendly Community

Downtown Greenville, SC isn’t just a historic city that shows off incredible homes and historic locations. It is a place that has the best of what the South has to offer – the community and the neighbors that you want to surround you and your family. Downtown Greenville is not only a place where people value history and education, it is a city where people value each other.