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Greenville's Eastside Living in Greenville's Eastside: Real Estate, Amenities and Lifestyle

Welcome to the Eastside of Greenville! 

Greenville is a diverse community with a variety of amenities. Nationally, it has been ranked as the best place to do business and to live in. It offers an unmatched quality of life, warm climate, low cost of living, exceptional health care and an award-winning school system.

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The Lifestyle: Fun in Culture, Arts and the Outdoors

Greenville’s lifestyle is based on diversity. With an exceptional heritage, this area is a home for a number of cultures. You will have many opportunities to participate in various festivals and you will learn new ways of thinking.


Greenville, SC’s Real Estate Market

The Greenville, SC Real Estate Market offers many magnificent subdivision and communities, some of the more prevalent subdivisions and communities include Cleveland Forest, Claremont, Augusta Road, Botany woods, East North Street, Stone Lake Heights, Vineyards at North Main, and Richland Creek at North Main.

Both more affordable single-family homes, condos and apartments are available along with several higher end options for professionals and families alike.


Distinguished schools in Greenville, SC

  • Lake Forest Elementary School/Grades p-5
  • East north Street Academy/Grades 3-5/1720 E. North Street
  • East Side High School/Grades 9-12/1300 Bushy Creek Road

Several South Carolina colleges and universities call the Greenville area home, including the Bob Jones University and the Greenville Technical College. Greenville Institute offers Cisco CCNA, Comp TIA, and Network Security Certification.


Perfect for Raising a Family

With its ease in accessibility and its strategic location, Greenville neighborhoods are perfect for families and business people. The following is a description of recreation activities that Greenville has to offer.

  • Arts and Entertainment: Being a cultural center, it features the Peace Center for the Performing Arts and Gallery Heritage Green. The Children Museum of the Upstate and a variety of private galleries and theatre venues.
  • Festivals and events: Greenville is known to host a number of festivals and events such as fall for Greenville, the Greek Festival, Euphoria, Greenville Scottish games and the Oktoberfest.
  • Sports and the outdoors: Greenville have been rated as “The Top 5 Best Places to Live and Ride.” It offers sports activities such as the Greenville Drive, the Greenville Road Warriors, and the single A affiliate of the Boston Red Sox.


The Eastside’s Business Climate

Greenville hosts several corporate headquarters and factories creating quite an industry hub. In the past 10 years, Greenville has invested in $6.5 billion capital. In addition, it was named as one of the “America’s Hottest Cities” by Expansion Management Magazine.


Greenville, SC Utilities


The Workforce

Being an international business center, this city has a large number of available job opportunities. Companies such as Piedmont Natural gas, BMW, Michelin, Bowater, Fluor, AT&T, Blue Ridge Electric, Greenville water, Mail solutions etc. are top employers.


Health Care

The Greenville Hospital System is a non-profit, patient centered and a research institution that is very well known for its cardiac department. It has the leading obstetrics program with 6,000 babies delivered every year. Bon Secours St. Francis Surgery Center offers quality outpatient surgery services. The Cancer Center at the Carolinas offers clinical trials, genetic counseling, and the Oncology Research Institute. Shiner’s Children’s Hospital provides free care to children less than 18 years with orthopedic problems.


Location: From Greenville To…

  • Asheville, NC-The largest city in Western North Carolina and Home to United States National Climatic Data Center Biltmore Estates(NCDC), which will take you 1 hour.
  • Atlanta, GA-The capital and most populous city in the United States, cultural and economic center of the Atlanta Metropolitan area and South’s fastest emerging city that is 2.5 away.
  • Charleston, SC-One of the nation’s supreme historic cities only 3.5 hours away.
  • Myrtle Beach-It is the leading golf destination that is four and a half hours away.


Why Live Here

Greenville has everything a young professional, professional in transition or family could ever need. With some of the best schools in Greenville along with homes both affordable and higher-end, the Eastside has so much to offer.