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Gower Estates Living in Gower Estates: Real Estate, Amenities and Lifestyle

Welcome to Gower Estates

An established community in Upstate South Carolina, Gower Estates is a neighborhood of renewal, growing to meet the needs of modern homeowners and new families. Centrally located in the thriving city of Greenville, Gower Estates residents have access to one of the swiftest growing regions of the state, according to recent numbers gathered by CNN Money. And, within neighborhoods like Gower Estates, families and young professionals find friendly opportunities for weekends at the pool, summer barbecues and family-filled holidays.

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Why You Belong in Gower Estates

Greenville was once a manufacturing town and deeply connected to older industries, but the 21st century lured international businesses and young professionals to its idyllic neighborhoods. Despite the growing modernity of the region, Gower Estates retains the peaceful feeling of a neighborhood perfect for rolling around on the lawn with the family dog or taking a morning jog along quiet, tree-lined streets.

Sometimes finding a neighborhood where you can relax is difficult unless you’re prepared for a hefty morning commute. Not so with Gower Estates, which is situated near Greenville’s thriving downtown and business districts. Greenville’s location in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains feels wild and rustic in some ways, but the new buildings of high-tech firms and international companies also influence the modern feel of the landscape.

Gower Estates and Greenville offer one of the best ways to enjoy the culture and animation of an urban area, but residents may still return home each night to a quiet evening with conversation and a home-cooked meal.


Gower Estates Homes for Sale

Homes around Gower Estates hail from a variety of decades and the first homes of the community were constructed around forty years ago. Lovingly maintained with tidy lawns and mature trees, the charming homes of Gower Estates welcome you onto their cozy porches and boast hardwood floors and bright, welcoming interiors. Most homes sit far back on the property, which creates an expansive, pastoral feeling to the neighborhood.

The homes of Gower Estates are a curious mixture of classic floor plans with modern perks like granite countertops, new cabinets, and built-in speaker systems. Traditional brick facades with gently sloping roofs and single-story construction are as common as newer homes with two stories and modernized exteriors.

Conveniently, many homes offer four bedrooms with multiple baths, along with walk-in closets and separate laundry rooms. One of the features you’ll appreciate in Gower Estates is the overall size of the lots. Many reach around a half-acre, and you’re close enough to your neighbors that you’ll see them when you head out for the morning for work and school. However, you’re not so close that you can lean out your kitchen window and touch your neighbor’s fence.


Distinguished Schools in Greenville, South Carolina

Like most modern cities, Greenville boasts several private and public schools that offer students a high-quality education. With around 90,000 residents within Greenville and several thousand more in the surrounding communities, schools are plentiful.


You’ll Enjoy: Space and Room to Grow

A home in Gower Estates is a highly sought-after address because of the cozy neighborhood feel that’s just a quick four mile drive from downtown Greenville. Picturesque landscaping and well-tended homes greet new families, as well as savvy professionals who want a spacious home with room to grow. If you want to spread out beyond the confines of a condo or apartment, Gower Estates is one of the best neighborhoods to consider. You’ll love getting to know your neighbors at the local pool with its excitingly competitive Swim Association Invitational League.

Beyond the streets of Gower Estates, Greenville is a cultural and historic gem with a revitalized business district and downtown area. Enjoy a different type of cuisine each night at one of Greenville’s several downtown restaurants or relax for the evening in your spacious living room with pizza and a movie. You’ll love socializing with the outgoing and witty families of Greenville and Gower Estates.

Gower Estates also sits close to several parks and recreation activities that invite you to take your bike, walking shoes, or picnic supplies outside to enjoy the hiking and camping venues. Caesars Head State Park features stunning views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and Paris Mountain State Park is the perfect place to go paddle-boating and fishing. Spend a day on the lake like you used to when you were a kid on family vacations. Downtown Greenville even has waterfalls!


Buying a Home in Gower Estates

Gower Estates offers a fantastic mix of opportunities for young professionals, as well as homes for new families who want to put down roots and find lifelong friends. The neighborhood feels like you’ve come home the moment you wander into one of the community’s beautiful houses. Enjoy the recreation opportunities and entertainment venues around Greenville from the doorstep of your very own home in Gower Estates.