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North Main Living in North Main: Real Estate, Amenities and Lifestyle

Welcome to North Main!

This community is North Main, one of the several neighborhoods in Greenville, South Carolina. The area offers residents an opportunity to own a home close to downtown in a well established community. North Main and the surrounding neighborhoods have a thriving job market, great schools and a moderate climate. The housing market consists of smaller, less expensive houses alongside larger historic homes. There are many larger, historic homes that have been renovated to included almost every modern amenity.

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North Main History

The neighborhood of North Main was founded in 1813 and was intended to be the business hub for Greenville. The area grew rapidly from 1896 to the 1902s, but slowed during the years of the Great Depression. Today there are more than 4,500 people living in the North Main area with a large amount of families.


North Main Real Estate Scene

North Main and other areas of Greenville are expected to grow even more than they already have in the past few years. Evidence of Greenville’s growth can be illustrated by the 122 million dollars in new single family home construction that occurred from 2007 to 2012. There was 117 million dollars worth of renovations completed on existing homes within the same time period.


North Main Lifestyle: Get Out, Get Active

Although North Main is located in close proximity to the downtown business district, the town of Greenville and the surrounding area offer many venues and activities to enjoy outdoor recreation.

Greenville is located in an area of South Carolina known as The Upstate. The town is in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and have a moderate climate with average temperatures of 42 degrees in the winter and 79 degrees in the summer.

Greenville has adopted a Trails and Greenways program to enhance outdoor recreational activities and preserve the natural beauty of the area. The city’s trail system links North Man and all other neighborhoods and allows residents to safely travel by foot or bicycle. There are many parks located throughout the city and the Greenville Zoo draws many visitors throughout the year.


North Main’s Educational Opportunities

North Main is served by the Greenville County School System. Students in kindergarten to grade five may attended the Stone Academy of Communication Arts. The Stone Academy is dedicated to incorporating the creative arts with a 21st century academic learning environment. The classroom experience is enhanced by after-school enrichment programs and the students presenting various production throughout the school year.

This educational philosophy continues at the League Academy of Communication Arts, a school for students in grades 6 to 8. League Academy has received many honors over its 40 year history including being designated as both a Blue Ribbon school and a Red Carpet school.


Greenville’s Healthcare System

Residents of North Main are fortunate to have the Greenville Health System ready to provide comprehensive healthcare to all members of the community.   There are 8 hospitals and 4 urgent care centers that provide care. Greenville Health System has many departments that includes a cancer institute and divisions dedicated to the medical care of children and women’s health.

The Greenville Health System is also a teaching institution. Clemson University operates their biomedical engineering innovation program through the Greenville Health System.


Local Travel and Public Transit

Public transportation for residents of North Main is provide by Greenlink, the transit system for Greenville. The city has 14 established bus route and has implemented an automated system that allows passengers to locate the exact location of a bus on a specific route.  They may do this online or with a mobile application. The city’s paratransit system serves those in the North Main and surrounding neighbors that may have difficulties navigating the Greenlink system.

For those residents seeking a more unique form of transportation in the downtown area can enjoy the trolley buses. These buses are constructed in a vintage fashion with an open-air style and wood benches. The trolleys operate all year from Thursday to Sunday.


An Involved Community

The North Main Community Association is a non-profit organization that strives to promote community awareness among resident of North Main. They provide a source of communication and act as a liaison between the neighborhood and the city officials of Greenville. The North Main Community Association works to keep residents informed about city proposals and their impact on the North Main community.