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Intentional Investment In Your Home

This is the time of year when we really start to feel it. When the activity and bustle start to pick up in earnest and things get even busier than they are the rest of the year. You recognize this feeling if you’ve ever hosted a Thanksgiving meal where afterward it seems like literally every piece of cookware you own is dirty, and sleeping guests are randomly spread throughout your home. You know it if you’ve ever fought your way through a store during Black Friday and, like a grizzled war hero, you survived to tell the tale. The only way to navigate and overcome any of these ransacked spaces filled with unconscious bodies is by taking it one step at a time, being intentional in your approach.

The ways we think about intentionality are, obviously, centered around Real Estate, which comes with plenty of advantages. One of the greatest ways to bring order and intentionality to your life can be through investing in your home. We recently had the privilege of listing a client’s home that earned the 2018 award for both Best Overall and Best Bath remodel from the Homebuilders Association of Greenville, and it exemplifies intentionality of design both inside and out.

212 Grove Road | Greenville, SC

Originally built in the 1930’s, a full remodel in the 2000’s repurposed much of the original home and added over a thousand square feet, retaining its vintage character while improving its condition. One aspect that makes this remodel exceptional is the intentionality of each new element introduced. You first notice this outside the home.

You can see the way that the original architecture of the home, like the sloping roof and beautiful brick exterior, have been maintained. But don’t miss the details here. Notice how the stonework around the front door recalls the paver stones of the driveway, front walkway, and flower beds.

One of the best intentional elements here is the hand-hammered iron railing that frames the front porch. Its sculpted tulip details are meant to accompany the tulip tree that resides in the home’s front yard.

Inside the Home

Inside the home, intentionality and thematic flow continues. A fully updated kitchen with custom cabinets, a bay window, and great features like smart appliances have provided this space with the best in aesthetics and practical use.

Intentionality through customization and hand-craftsmanship are on full display throughout the rest of the home as well, shown prominently in each of the home’s three full bathrooms.

The hand-laid tiles in the bathrooms communicate great care, intentionality, and continuity, and give the entire home a sense of balance and symmetry.

Merging Continuity

The Jack and Jill bathroom on the second level merges exterior and interior continuity with a more understated hand-laid flower pattern. And if you’re wondering where you’ve seen those cabinets and granite countertops before, look no further than the home’s kitchen for a reminder.

Your Home, Your Greatest Asset

The home featured here is a truly outstanding example of intentional thematic consistency throughout its design. We love it because it’s not only an example of what a completed work looks like, but also because it provides some great ideas for how we can incorporate similar ideas and concepts into our own homes on an incremental basis. As the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither are award-winning homes” (we might be paraphrasing a bit). When you make investing in your greatest asset a consistent theme in your life, it can make a huge impact!

The home featured above is located near Greenville Memorial Hospital and bustling downtown Greenville, and is currently on the market! Click here or on any of the pictures to learn more about this great home!

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