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Meet our team: Anna Krueger

Greenville real estate agent Anna KruegerMeet Anna Krueger!

Anna is our Client Concierge, meaning she’s often the first contact a client has with The Haro Group.

If you’re thinking about buying or selling a home, Anna will get to know you and help you decide whether The Haro Group is the right fit.

We thought we’d introduce Anna here on the blog by having her answer some questions about her background and the things she’s passionate about.

Where are you originally from?

“I was born in D.C., but I’ve lived in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia. Actually, I’ve lived in every state from Pennsylvania down to Florida except for Georgia. So I’ve been a lot of places!”

How did you come to Greenville?

“I had an awesome career up north, but not much else. My family had mostly moved away, and many of my long-term friends lived in the South. I ended up coming down to Greenville for a wedding in 2008, and as I drove north to go back home I was thinking, ‘Why am I driving north? Everything that really matters to me is in the South,’ —except for my career, but that didn’t matter as much to me as everything else. So as I drove I was praying, ‘God, if there’s any way you can take me to Greenville, please do.’ Well I got home that night—after driving 10 hours—and I checked my email. And that very night there was an email that said ‘Job opening available in Greenville, South Carolina’ …

“It was definitely God’s provision that brought me here. I went from not having any idea I was moving to 10 days later I lived here. It was super fast. And it was insane. I moved down here without knowing the area or where I’d be living. I remember getting overwhelmed because I didn’t even know where Walmart was to get basic essentials! But it was also really fun—it was this big adventure and an exciting time in life.”

What do you love most about your job at The Haro Group?

“A lot of what I do is getting to know people and what motivates them and what is going on in their lives … That’s really fun for me, the personal aspect of it.”

What do you love most about the Greenville area?

“I love how you can very easily get to the mountains when you want to. That’s actually my favorite thing to do in the area—head out to the mountains to go off-roading or visit quaint small towns nearby—and you can easily do that within a 30 to 40-minute drive. So I love that. And I love the lakes and wide open spaces—the outdoor activities here are a lot of fun.

“I love how Greenville feels like a small town, but it has a lot of the things a big city has to offer. There’s a lot to do but it feels more like a community and less like a city.”

Outside of work, what are you most passionate about?

“Working with the cancer community and sharing my mom’s story to make an impact. With everything my mom’s been through, I really have a passion for that.

“I have a goal one day to open up a cancer retreat center that allows cancer patients to go for free. A lot of times when people get diagnosed they’re overwhelmed and they don’t know what to do—they commonly feel like they just want to get away and think. I dream of having cancer retreat center where cancer patients can go for free …. just to encourage them and uplift them and let them know they’re not alone.”


Thinking about buying or selling a home? You can talk to Anna for yourself—she’ll be glad to help you find the next step!

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