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Meet our Team: Haro Setian

Greenville real estate agent Haro SetianFor this installment of our Meet Our Team series, we’ll focus on our founder, Haro Setian. (For those who are wondering, it’s pronounced “HAR-oh SETT-ee-ahn”)

Haro, who is originally from Boston, moved to Greenville to attend college. He worked as a sales manager, recruiter and  door-to-door book salesman before getting into real estate.

Haro started out as a buyer’s agent on a team in 2009 then struck out on his own in 2010, but by 2012 he saw the need to hire full-time administrative help. The Haro Group team has continued to grow since that time.

We asked Haro a few questions about how the team started and his philosophy of work:

What makes The Haro Group different than the typical real estate agent?

“The average real estate practitioner is on their own and does everything themselves. So that’s administrative work, coordinating inspections, talking to lenders, entering houses into the MLS, taking pictures, helping people with staging, working with the seller, working with the buyer …

“We’ve taken that and specialized, so different people handle different pieces of the puzzle.”

How did you make the transition from solo agent to building a team?

“I wanted to deliver excellent service to my clients, and I wanted also to be there for my family. Well, I think excellent service is a byproduct of doing it a lot—actually being really experienced and really competent. And that leads to having a lot of clients.

“But when you’re doing a lot, and you’re doing all of the pieces of ‘a lot,’ then there’s no time left for family. And I just simply wasn’t willing to make that trade-off.

“When Moses started [in 2012], I remember the last buyer I ever worked with … I had to look at myself in the mirror and say, ‘I’m not really giving this guy great service because I’m doing too many other things. He’s not getting the service that I want for him to have.’ So I had a really frank conversation with him and handed him over to Moses. And he got great service because Moses’ only job was to work with buyers, while I had all the other stuff on my plate.

“So that’s how specialization happened and multiplied.”

You talk a lot about about The Haro Group’s mission to help communities thrive. What exactly does that mean?

“It comes from a biblical place, the passage of Jeremiah 29:7: ‘But seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the LORD on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare.’

“As a believer, because I have life I should give life. To make an intentional statement of that, we bring life everywhere we go. It’s one of our values–vitality.

“We work to move the ball forward in people thriving in every area. And that’s everyone we touch—people on the team, our clients, our vendor relationships, in our families, all of that.”


The Haro Group Core Values:

TEAMWORK – We assume fiduciary responsibility for our team and clients.

HUMILITY – We learn from every situation and person.

REACH – We constantly seek improvement – for our team, our clients and the
services we provide.

INTEGRITY – We do the right thing.

VITALITY – We bring life everywhere we go.

EXCELLENCE – We deliver.


Interested in seeing how The Haro Group team can help you with your home buying or selling needs? Contact us for a free consultation!



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