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Meet Our Team: Nate Emery

Greenville real estate agent Nate EmeryMeet Nate Emery!

Nate is one of The Haro Group’s buyer specialists. If you’re looking to buy a home in the Greenville area, Nate will help you narrow down your options so you can find the perfect home quickly, without getting overwhelmed.

With so many homes on the market, how do you help buyers narrow down their choices?

“My expertise is in recommending properties that will work for folks, helping people discern if a property looks good on the front end.

“I help them set up a really thorough and accurate [database] search to start with … I tell most people that if they don’t have a whole lot of preferences up front, that’s fine. I still don’t want them to have to sift through hundreds of properties. But if we can get it narrowed down enough, I usually say, ‘You may not have a lot of preferences now, but I promise when you start looking through 60-70 properties, you will develop some preferences very quickly.’

“We’ll start with broader specifications and then hone that down to something a lot more precise. … And sometimes that’s exactly what they need: having somebody that knows the market, that knows the business, talk through that with them. A lot of times they probably know what they want, and they just need somebody to help them think it through with them, to be able to articulate it.”

What does the buying process look like?

“I help them … sift everything down to finding 3 or 4 or 5 really good options. I go with them to see those, giving them my opinion of the listing and how I think it’s priced—I’ll do some research there—and try to do as best as I can to look at the condition of the property while I’m there, to make sure if there’s anything that sticks out to me that could be a problem with inspections.

“I help them negotiate for best price, make sure I know what they need, and make sure I communicate with the lender about what they need.

“And then when we have something under contract, we have a closing team but I’ll walk [the client] through the closing process. I basically coach them through the inspection part, and help them see what they do or don’t need to ask for in repairs, and make sure that they get those.

“I keep them informed from step to step about what they need to be doing, making sure all their needs are taken care of so that they arrive safely at closing with a house.”

What do you love most about your job?

“The potential to grow and work with great people.

“I really like teaching in general. … Especially with a first-time homebuyer where they are really green and just don’t know a whole about process—just to be able to educate them and see some lights come on and some relief there.

“Coaching and counseling are a big part of how I’m wired, so that’s really the part of the job I enjoy.”

Outside of work, what are you most passionate about?

“I work with high schoolers at my church and co-lead small group of them. They’re in 9th grade, and there’s 7 of them—isn’t that crazy? So a lot of my time is spent with that.

“I’m a big film geek, so if I get a chance to go to the movies or talk film and theology with anybody I like that kind of thing. I like exploring little towns because there’s pieces of that in it too.

“I also like writing a lot. I have a tragically underused website— … I’ll review a movie or review a restaurant, or get out my thoughts on whatever the teaching was that Sunday.

“A lot of my activities center on just hanging out with people and going to a good restaurant. I think it’s hard to beat good food and good company. That’s why the Wedding Feast of the Lamb is going to be pretty much the best thing.”

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