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Why use The Haro Group to fulfill your photography needs?

Many smartphones take excellent photos. However, even the latest smartphone is lacking, due to the absence of a wide angle lens and limited exposure control. The Haro Group takes multiple exposures of every photo in order to capture the most detail in every room of your listing. In addition, we use a tripod, a wide angle lens and dedicated software to produce images that stand out. It’s our comprehensive process that truly makes the difference! Plus, our photographer has more than 20 years of architectural photography experience.

Scheduling a shoot   

     1. Do you have a portfolio of real estate photography shot by The Haro Group?

  • Yes. Click HERE to see our portfolio

     2.  What are the steps to booking a shoot? Important – both steps must be completed to book a shoot.

  • Check our photographer’s calendar HERE
  • After you book your shoot on the calendar, complete this FORM.

     3.  What happens after I book my photography session?

  • When you submit your booking request, we will review the details and then confirm the photographer’s availability. We will finalize scheduling of the shoot              with you, then send you a confirmation email with details of the shoot. Your shoot is not scheduled until you receive the confirmation email.
  • On the day of the shoot, the photographer will typically arrive a few minutes early to set up camera gear and begin taking photos.
  • After the shoot, we import, edit and upload the images. The editing process can take hours as each photo is individually tweaked and polished until it meets our quality standards. We will send you an email with links to download high resolution, print-quality images and lower resolution images for uploading to MLS.
  • Your images will be delivered within *two business days via
  • *Please note Friday photoshoots’ files will be delivered on Tuesday.

     4.  Are your prices based on the square footage of the property?

  • Yes. Click HERE to see our pricing.

     5.  Do you accept credit cards?

  • No, you can pay by check, cash or Venmo (The Haro Group)

     6.  When is payment due?

  • The invoice for images is due and payable upon receipt of confirmation of the appointment. Images will not be delivered without payment of invoice in full        being received

   7. How much lead time do you need?

  • Shoots must be scheduled at least five days in advance.


General Information

How long does it take to photograph a home?

It takes two to three hours to photograph an average sized home. However, the time will vary depending on several factors:

  1. Whether there is furniture in the home or not
  2. Square footage of the home
  3. Whether there is any acreage that needs to be photographed

How can I help prepare my client’s (or my ) home for a real estate photo shoot?

The neater and cleaner a home is, the better it will photograph. Always start with a good cleaning.

What type of real estate photography equipment do you use?

Our photographer uses a high-end, professional grade Canon digital camera with 24mp resolution and a variety of lenses that allow him to capture any building from any perspective.

Do you charge tax for your real estate photography services?

No, because we do not provide actual prints.

Can you post the photographs directly to the MLS for me?

No, we do not post to MLS for Photography by The Haro Group customers.

Do you retain the copyright to your images or are those transferred to me when I buy prints or digital images?

No, once the images are delivered they are yours and The Haro Group is no longer responsible for storing them.

Do I have to meet you at the home to give you access?

Yes, unless you can arrange access for the photographer.

What if the weather is bad on the day of my shoot?

If the weather is bad on the day of your scheduled shoot (i.e. rain, heavy clouds and the like) you will be given the opportunity to reschedule for the next available open shoot date. If you choose to proceed with the shoot as scheduled, regardless of the weather, please understand that the listed pricing does not include fixing photos for cloudy skies.

“Can you just PhotoShop that?”

For ethical reasons, as well as the integrity of the home, we do not add windows, doors, touch up paint, remove power lines, etc. For further information, see Real Estate Code of Ethics Section 12:

Standard of Practice 12-10: REALTORS®’ obligation to present a true picture in their advertising and representations to the public includes Internet content, images and the URLs and domain names they use and prohibits REALTORS®’ from:

  • engaging in deceptive or unauthorized framing of real estate brokerage websites;
  • manipulating (e.g., presenting content developed by others) listing and other content in any way that produces a deceptive or misleading result;
  • deceptively using metatags, keywords or other devices/methods to direct, drive or divert Internet traffic; or
  • presenting content developed by others without either attribution or without permission, or
  • otherwise misleading consumers, including use of misleading images. (Adopted 1/07, Amended 1/18)

Do you do any staging?

No. We do photography only.

What is your reschedule and cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel or reschedule, do so as soon as possible. If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, you will be charged a $75 cancellation fee.

We cannot control the weather. If the weather is inclement, we will continue with all indoor shooting and reschedule exteriors at the next available date for both parties. There is no penalty for weather delays.

Please note that we expect the property to be photo-ready at the time your appointment begins.

If the start of the shoot is delayed 15-30 minutes, a 25% fee will be added. If we must wait 45-60 minutes, 50%; two hours or longer, or if the shoot is cancelled entirely, a 100% fee will be assessed. We reserve the exclusive right to cancel the shoot after one hour or more of waiting, at our sole discretion. Late or cancelation fees must be paid in full before a new shoot date will be scheduled.

Can you also shoot a head shot for my website?

Yes, we are happy to as a separate appointment.

Where are you located?

The Haro Group Keller Williams Historic District is based in Greenville, South Carolina. We provide service to the Greenville area. Click here for pricing.

How many photos of the property will you take?

Most homes are best covered in 20-36 final images.

I have a question that is not listed here.

You can email or call 864.642.2014. We’re happy to answer any questions you have!

Why utilize professional photos?

According to a 2011 survey by the National Association of Realtors, 88% of buyers use the Internet in their search for a new home. Professional real estate photography scores as one of the most useful tools in a property making a positive first impression. In addition, according to a 2010 Wall Street Journal article, real estate listings with professional photos typically command higher asking prices.

Do you carry general liability insurance?