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What can we say about shiplap that hasn’t already been chronicled by Chip and Joanna Gaines in the tomes of media they produce? Even if you don’t know exactly what it is, you probably know that Chip and Jo are ALL ABOUT some shiplap. Only knowing this, and only being casually aware of them as public figures, you could be forgiven if you misidentified shiplap as an even less saturated Instagram filter or a free trade craft to farmhouse coffee blend.

But the reality of shiplap is much simpler than all of that. Shiplap is the name given to planks of wood constructed with opposing rabbet joints that overlap each other, leaving a narrow, contrasting space between boards. Before drywall was invented, shiplap, covered with muslin or cheesecloth, provided the base layer for adhesive wallpaper. 

Now, saying that something isn’t complicated isn’t the same thing as saying that it isn’t special. A grilled cheese sandwich isn’t complicated, but it sure is special (at least we think so). Look at the way that this home utilizes shiplap in their living room. Simple, but impactful.

But maybe that simplicity is what we find so appealing about shiplap. Maybe it’s the frank, unencumbered beauty of natural wood grain spanning the length of the wall. Maybe it’s the discrete tidiness of the lines created by the boards as each casts its slight shadow on the one beneath. Or maybe it speaks to the idea of a simpler time in history, where a truer earnestness of craftsmanship characterized the construction of not only our homes, but also our lives.

However you think about it, shiplap is a detail we love, and we think it brings a ton of character to any space. The photos featured here are found in one of our recent listings. You can click on any of the photos or here to learn more.

Thanks for reading! We’ll see you next week!

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