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The March Stats From Our Upstate Market

Here are all the latest numbers from our Upstate real estate market.

Today I’m sharing what we saw in our real estate market in March. The market is still just as crazy as it’s been all year. Supply has decreased 38% year over year; last year at this time we had 4,768 homes on the market, and now we have 2,949. 

The number of sold homes has risen 12.5% from 3,126 last March to 3,518 this March. Many people are saying there are no houses for sale, but there are plenty, homes are just selling very quickly because demand is higher than supply. Our median price is up to $247,895, having grown by 12.7% year over year. When I got started in real estate in 2009, the median price was less than $140,000, so we’ve gained more than $100,000 in just a dozen years. 

This is still the wackiest seller’s market in history.

For the first time, our average price has jumped over the $300,000 mark, and we currently sit at $300,966. Year to date, the average days on market for homes dropped 34.8% from 66 days to 43. However, that number can be misleading because it includes new construction that’s not quite ready to be sold yet, so that stat can be a little high. This is still the wackiest seller’s market in history.

If you’re considering selling your house, now is an excellent time. However, everyone asks what they’re going to buy next if they sell. There are five or six distinct paths you can take to ensure you get into a new house after selling. The most innovative way is that we have partners who will buy the house you want, you’ll sell your current property, then they’ll sell the new house back to you. If you want more information about that, let us know.

If you want more information about anything I discussed or have further questions, call or email us. We would love to help you.

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