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We’re Hiring for 2 Positions

We’re hiring for two positions on our team, and here’s all the information.

We’re hiring for two positions right now, so I need to ask you a favor. As I describe these roles, please be thinking about whether it describes you or someone you know. Even if you or that other person is happy where you are, it still may be good to think about the next opportunity.

The first position is a listing specialist, and that position doesn’t open up very often. Our listing specialist is the person who works exclusively with sellers. They meet with them, consult, understand their needs, goals, and dreams, come up with a price for their home, explain our marketing and process to them, then bring them on board as clients. Our operations team handles almost everything else except the negotiation of the contract and closing.

For our listing specialist, we’re looking for someone who’s No. 1 or 2 in sales where they currently work. They need experience in sales but not necessarily in real estate. They also need to be someone who will love our clients and fall in love with their stories, goals, and dreams. Their competitive nature should come out, not for themselves, but to ensure the client is well taken care of and happy.

“You might want to think about your next opportunity.”

For this role, we need someone who doesn’t have a big ego and can be a team player. We’re a team that functions together; our process is very interdependent and different from most teams. This person needs to understand the importance of each other person on the team. This role pays a base salary plus commission. We’d love to have someone start in this position by the beginning of the fourth quarter; however, we’ll take our time and make sure we bring in the right person.

The other position we’re hiring for is an inside sales agent. This role also pays a base salary plus commission. These are the people who are taking all our inbound inquiries and making outbound calls to find buyers and sellers who are matches for our current clients. They should also nurture the relationships between us and our leads until they’re ready to speak to one of our agents. This is more of a service role than a sales role.

Follow this link for more information about these two great job openings and to apply if you’re interested.

If I described you or someone you know who would be a fit for one of these roles, please contact us. We would love to talk to them. Also, reach out via phone or email if you have any questions about our team or how we work. We hope to hear from you soon.

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  • JD Daniel
    Written on

    Hello Haro. My name is JD, I sold books for 4 summers, and I used to work with Brian Glinney, which is how we got connected. I am currently studying for my Life and Health exam to get back into insurance, but I clicked your video, and I would be open to a conversation. 864-430-5197

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