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Your Next Step For A Secure Future

Closing isn’t the only legal matter that you may need help with.

I recently spoke to Joey Maxwell from the Sallé Galloway law firm, one of the businesses I recommend the most for closings. They are phenomenal at that; however, they are also great at wills, estates, trusts, and other legal matters. Today we’ll answer some crucial legal questions:

  1. When should I start thinking about wills, trusts, and estates? You really need to start thinking about this the moment you become an adult. Once you hit 18 years old, and particularly once you’ve started to acquire some real estate or other assets, it’s important to start getting the fundamental paperwork together.

“You shouldn’t let uncertainty keep you from executing the document.”

  1. Who do I name on my documents? This should be someone responsible, with whom you have complete trust, but you shouldn’t let uncertainty keep you from executing the document. Remember that you can modify or change these documents at any time as long as you have the capacity to do that. The most important thing is to get them in place.
  1. When do I make changes? You should be making the necessary adjustments to the documents with every major life event. If you become married, divorced, or acquire more assets, it is time to think about making some changes.
  1. Why do I need a will? It always pays to be prepared for the unexpected. You might have things besides assets that need to be considered, such as a guardianship for minor children that you might have.

It’s important to have these kinds of documents ready, should they become necessary. A Power-Of-Attorney or other legal document should already be in place when it is needed. If you, or anyone you know, needs to learn more about this topic, please visit this link to check out Sallé Galloway, or you can call Joey at (864) 234-2901.

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